HPSR 2006 Call for papers (Closed)->Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors:

High-quality original papers are solicited. Papers must be unpublished and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere. All papers will be reviewed by Technical Program Committee members and other experts to ensure high quality and relevance to the conference. Authors of accepted papers must attend the conference to present their contributions. Paper length should be 4-6 pages in two-columns IEEE Transactions style, 10pt. Accepted papers that are longer than 6 pages will be charged with an over-length fee of $100 per page for the 7th and 8th pages. No paper may exceed a maximum of 2 over-length pages. PDF format only is accepted. You can view here the suggested style for the title and authors header (one column for each different affiliation); if preferred, this alternative style can be used.

LaTeX Template:

Mac users can use either of the packages. However, Mac (especially OzTeX) users should be aware that they should not use text files Windows style line feeds. Therefore, if using IEEEtran.zip, OzTeX users will have to convert the line feeds of any Windows style ASCII files (.txt, .sty, .tex, .bib, .bst, etc.) to Mac format before use or else the LaTeX parser will become confused and generate error messages. Most Mac text editors and word processors can easily perform this conversion. OzTeX will work with the UNIX releases (IEEEtran.tar.gz) without need of modification.

Word Template:

Download the TRANS-JOUR.DOC author's template for Microsoft Word. This file contains a template for you to use in creating your paper. You may also download the TRANS-JOUR.PDF file if you just want the instructions and not the template.

Paper submission procedure using EDAS

Authors are required to submit their papers through the EDAS web site http://edas.info/ in three steps:

  • Creation of a personal account on EDAS (if you are new to EDAS).
  • Registration of the paper (requiring a short abstract of up to 150 words).
  • Upload of the paper, in PDF format only.

Authors can always re-upload their manuscripts before the deadline. The new uploaded manuscript will overwrite the existing one.

Paper acceptance system will be open from 10th November 2005.

ATTENTION - Please, do not contact edas-help@edas.info for information about the workshop. For any question or problem related to HPSR2006, please contact hpsr2006@et.put.poznan.pl.